Panda Offprice

Welcome to PandA Offprice!

Both retirees in their late sixties, Paul and his lifelong buddy Antonio, thus "P-AND-A", have recently decided to combine their skills, their life and work experiences, and their business contacts, with a view of providing entrepreneurs and retailers, both on-line and brick and mortar, with timely offers of quality merchandises at heavily discounted prices.

Off-price definition: Offering or dealing in high quality goods, especially brand-name apparel, fashion accessories and stylish outfits, at prices lower than those regularly available in the market.

Having settled the most basic questions of PandA's meaning and website's purpose in the third person, let me talk about myself, Paul, and my partner in crime, Antonio, and our brainchild, PandaOffprice, in a more informal way.

Setting up a website promoting wholesale offprice goods and amazing clearance deals came as an idea while dragging ourselves all over the turf to retrieve our aimless golf balls. Isn't there a better way to enjoy a well-earned retirement other than trying to conform with what society and wives have in mind for our happiness? We like to get busy, to do practical stuff, to break through barriers and to achieve goals, rather than swinging a stick at a ball or getting blisters on our palms holding a pair of oars. Oh yes! Rowing a Virus Yole was yet another attempt of reaching contentment in our Golden years.

Not so good! We realized we still want to do business. We are traders. We enjoy talking to like-minded people and shaking hands and making deals. That is probably etched in our DNA. So, with PandaOffprice, we are hoping to meet great people, to conclude great deals for them, as well as for ourselves, because we all feel like winners when great deals are done.

P-and-A team member Antonio

I have known Antonio since middle school. He is the good looking one of the two so, his friendship was essential for meeting girls and getting invited to parties. Just sweet memories, let's move on...

Since his early twenties, Antonio has built his career in the apparel sector and its distribution, traveling widely in Europe and growing a formidable list of contacts in the industry. From manufacturers to wholesalers, from large fashion stores to corner shop boutiques, he has developed a network of buyers and sellers spanning a forty-year career.

Given such a legacy and experience in reading the fashion market, I told Antonio he should pick the best deals available and showcase them on PandaOffprice. These deals are amazing, with stocklots being sold at lower than production costs of 65%, 75%, even 85% discount.

Check, for example, a bargain such as Huge Discount CAMAIEU Last Inventory - 9 Trucks, Our price €2.50 per piece compared to Avg RRP €23.50 per piece.

It gets even better. We recently had a deal on Offprice Clearance PIAZZA ITALIA Fashion Wear, Our price €2.50 per piece vs Avg RRP €39.50 per piece.

Finally, take a look at Wholesale Inventory PALLADIUM AND K-SWISS FOOTWEAR, which you can secure with a huge saving of (-85.79%).

P-and-A team member Paul

While Antonio (minus Stich, and driving discreeter wheels than those above) was clocking up the miles in Europe, I headed for Asia with a Nikon camera and eventually settled in Australia.

I tried my hand at boat building and running an instant printing business until I became interested in computer programming. In the eighties and nineties I was working as an analyst/programmer for financial institutions in both Australia and Italy. In early 2000, I launched and run several commercial websites from my Brighton-le-Sands home in Sydney enjoying the independence of working from home and being my own boss.

Although my background is essentially in IT, when reaching retirement age I vowed to myself to never write a line of code ever again.

But the Universe is uncanny as sardonically it keeps bringing up similar events, presenting the same type of people, and throwing similar experiences someone's way as if those were the events, people and experiences that one was born to handle over and over again.

So, if you are a savvy entrepreneur out there, Amazon, Alibaba, eBay retailer, or corner shop boutique owner, let us know what you need in terms of goods for your business, and Antonio and I will both accept the challenge and show you the best deals available at no cost. We just like doing business :)

Stay safe and have a great day!

Paul, webmaster, for the PandA Team